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All editorial comments and history should always be considered the "personal opinions" those who wrote or contributed them. While every attempt is made to be historically accurate, mistakes happen. Readers are welcome send documentation to assist in improving the site's content and accuracy.

All unique art work, rules, and game names on this site refer to historical games in the 'PUBLIC DOMAIN' and are presented for historical review. The site copyright is for the layout and personal opinions, the rules published on the site that are in the public domain are just that, public domain.

Before you download or copy information from this site....

This site exist to share information with others. However, it is always import to respect the rights of others and their own hard work.

Any game images, rules, and history posted may be copied for PERSONAL USE from this site, unless it is stated otherwise. What I ask is that you ALWAYS ask for the web site owner's (that's me) for permission first, before you reproduce any of this web sites contents through email, post onto web sites, publish, or use in other public forums. Some of the new images and contents are being posted with the kindness of public and private contributors who may wish to know of distribution before it occurs, or the information may be copyrighted material (like photography or articles) and 'require' permission to reproduce.

Please contact Thomas Forsyth at: for permission to reproduce any work from this site in another public forum before you do so.

Generally, I will grant permission, but as stated, may need to get addition permission from those who provided material to this web site. Also, permission granted may depend on the contents intended use... if you plan to simply replicate the information on this site on your own site, then I would like to discuss how we might work together to have complimentary, rather than competitive web sites. At the very least let us give proper credit and links. If you would like a link to your web site do not hesitate to contact me. I have great support for those who have educational interest such as for a school a paper or article and have a good track record on that. Working together we can always accomplish more than working alone, or by taking another person's hard work without prior consultation. In other words, "let's all play nice in the sandbox together..."

I can not say enough thanks to those who have, and do contribute to this web site. We all have made a great leap forward by sharing our information with each other. I hope to foster that attitude by walking the talk... Thomas Forsyth.

The Landlord's Game® is owned by Thomas Forsyth, proprietor of "Strategic Play™", and since that's me I'll give myself permission to use it. Wonder why I have "the Landlord's Game" trademark? First, unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks can be purchased if available. They do not go forever into public domain. Lizzie Maggie Phillips never trademarked the game (which I find odd), nor did the Parker Brothers (which I do not find odd.) In June 2003, the mark was purchased by a game company but they never published The Landlord's Game under the TM mark, so the trademark went public again. I had some fears about who might next purchase the mark once dead and felt that I might make a better stewart for the mark than another party if I was correct in my assumption. Also, it would allow me to publish the game without having to deal with another party, or at least make sure they are not going to misrepresent or bury it. I felt would leave me more latitude in publication(s). Anyway, I have an original game to work from as a guide along with a ton of research and guidance from those interested in the game. If I can not be the good stewart I hope to be then I will consider transferring the mark to someone who can.

The trademark Monopoly® is used without permission, and nothing on this website is sponsored by and/or affiliated with Hasbro, Inc., the producer of the game Monopoly®. I, Thomas Forsyth, or my company "Strategic Play™", have no association with Hasbro, Inc. I do not make nor have any intent to make any profit and/or revenue from the Monopoly® mark nor am I working to do so. The reason for this statement was was upon the recommendation and guidance of a person who knows more about the Monopoly® trademark than anyone.

If you have any feedback relative to above,
please contact Thomas Forsyth at:

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