1906 Limited Edition Replica Game

In 1906, Lizzie Magie (Phillips) released The Landlord's Game published by The Economic Game Company, New YorkThe game contained Georgist single tax rules and monopolistic rules (Monarch of the World).  Many of the basic elements of this early publication were the same as those found in Magie's original monopoly game. This game version has been features TV shows, books, magazines, and newspapers, and is one of the rarest of collectable games.  Much better than looking at photos is to own one for yourself…

Now you can have an opportunity to own an exact replica of the original!

    This release is planned at a numbered limited edition of 1000 games with great care to match the original in every way possible, just as if you bought it in 1906.  It will be offered by yourPlay owned by Thomas Forsyth, who has spent 20 years researching the game history, has consulting on numerous publications, and brought you this web site.                                                            

The game publication and distribution is planned for the first half of 2018, exact date to be determined. The price has been established yet. Those who sign up will get updates on the production progress and will have first priority on purchase.  You can request your name be removed at any time and you are under no obligation to purchase.  All information is kept confidential and will not be forwarded without your consent.




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Not all countries listed may be included in sales offering...


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