'Landlord Game'
Rules as written by Roy Stryker, Prof. Columbia University.


Each player starts the game with title to certain pieces of property
and $300 in cash.

The dice are thrown and the player moves according to total number
of spots. Rent is collected by the owner of the property upon which
he stops. If the property is not owned at that time, is sold im-
mediately at public auction to the highest bidder, but no rent can
be collected from the "squatter."

A house on a property doubles the rent. Houses may be purchased from
the bank for $100 each.

Each time a player goes through home he collects $100 from the bank.

If he should have to go to jail, throwing a double will let him out
free - he can't stay in more than 3 turns.

In order to obtain higher rents, one or more persons may combine cer-
tain properties which correspond in color and letter. (Notification
must be given all players that this monopoly has been formed.) A
monopoly doubles the rent on each property, a house on a property in
that monopoly doubles the rent again, a row of houses (one on each
property) doubles it again, a second house doubles it again and a
second row of houses doubles it again.

      For example - No. 17. The Bowery.
      Rent $10; monopoly $20; house $40; row of houses $80;
      second house $160; second row of houses $320.

It is to your advantage to buy properties which will help form a

Individuals may buy and sell properties among themselves or may
loan and borrow money.

Everyone must be honest with the bank.



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